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My neck is killing me :(

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I had 15 minutes to do my 30 mins quiz as I didn't receive a handout.

mid semester exam
corporate accounting - summer school 2010

mid semester exam content
lectures covered day 1, 2, 3
tutorial covered day 1, 2, 3
chapters covered 1, 2, 6, 8, 28, 29

10 to 15 multiple choice
1 to 2 short answer questions
Consolidated worksheet including consolidated journals

Accounting standards handbook allowed

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Roger, whether roger satisfies the the test
for income tax years ended 30 June 2009 and 2010

levene and lysaght cases

In the 2009 year Roger clearly resides in Australia from 1 July to 31 December 2009
While living in the US from 1 January to 30 June 2009 he is not residing in Australia
In the 2010 year Roger does not reside in Australia while he is in the US up to 3 April 2010
When her returns to Australia on 4 April to 30 June 2010 he is residing in Australia

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Factors in the meaning of resides
physical presence in Australia
person's prior residency
person's nationality
frequency, duration & regularity of visits
purposes of visits to Australia
Connection with Australia e.g. economic and/or family connection

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Suggest pairs of conventions that we have already discussed, which are, or may be, contradictory or in opposition to each other, and illustrate the possible problems between them.

Activity feedback
Here are some possibilities we thought of:
1 Prudence and going concern. The going concern convention argues that the firm will 'keep going', e.g. that it will not be forced out of business by competition or bankruptcy. This may be a likely and rational assumption, but it is not necessarily prudent - in certain circumstances it could be decidedly risky.
2Prudence and matching. The matching convention, building on the going concern convention, allows us to carry forward into future periods on the grounds that they will be used profitably later. This obviously makes major assumptions about the future that may not be at all prudent. The contradiction between these two conventions is one of the major problems of accounting practice. Should we, when in doubt,emphasize prudence or matching? Should we ensure that we never overstate the position or should we do our professional best to 'tell it like it is'? Should we report the worst possible position (prudence) or the most likely position (matching)?
3 Prudence and objectivity. Objectivity implies certainty and position. It implies freedom from personal opinion, freedom from bias. Prudence, quite explicitly implies that we should bias the information we choose to report in a certain direction. If accounting information could be genuinely objective.

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By looking at the imf, the reasons why human rights law and environment law need to be advocated for through a higher body is evident.

The focus on IMF is that it must produce exchange rate stabilty by focussing on underlying economic conditions. This is a key aspect of IMF in the field of exchange rates. In China-America relations it is evident that the exchange rate stability has proven

In conclusion while it is often thought that international monetary relations is often less emphasised towards law, international relations under the WTO framework is heavily influenced by law. () This is evident in the China-America relations where the undervalued Yuan seemingly is causing hardship for American exports, but is not easily tried.



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